Spotlight on the prominent young artist of Agadir

       Khalid EL BOUHALI is a young artist. Khalid was born in Agadir in 1993 .He and his brother are two professional speed painters. Khalid represented Agadir city in many conferences alongside Moroccan creative youth.  He organized the first artistic painting festival in Inzegane just outside door Agadir. Khalid participated in BIG UP program, a new talent-show program in Medi1 TV.
       Khalid sees painting as a complicated job that cannot be well-done by anyone. Khalid defines Art as:
"art is to feel ordinary things in an unordinary way, a different view of the views of others which causes the showing of our unseen parts in an attractive way

   In our meeting, we asked Khalid’s brother, who is also a speed painter, about an overview of their job .Then, he said   "I am very interested in painting, and it is a talent that we have learnt from our father. We trade and we carry on commerce mainly with tourists.”

   “Do all tourists and buyers understand the profound messages that you are conveying in your paintings?” I asked.

    It depends on the tourist himself, that is , if he or she is interested in painting in general ,then he might understand and interpret what is meant by such an artistic panting .Otherwise, we ,as guides, try to explain , or just give hints to facilitate the process of grasping the message that are conveyed in our paintings.” He replied.

  "Do you participate in festivals that are organized every year in Agadir, in order to present and show your creativity to people, apart from your fans?" I asked.

     “We, as artists, do not have the same chances to participate in festivals. But still some artists got the chance to do so, especially those who are best-known for their creativity, my brother as an example. He has been selected to present our work at Association of Cooperation and Development in GUELMIM in 1-4 April 2015 .But before that we organize the first festival of art in Inzegane, in which we presented all that we have prepared. This festival was filmed and followed by many different sorts of media, mainly Medi1, Mfm radio, radio Ajial ..''  He explained.

      Khalid EL BOUHALI is an example, of many, young Moroccan artists, who have tried hard and believed in their capacities and creativity. He speculates that if young artists, like him, get any kind of support, they will create the wonders, that can make morocco one of the greatest countries in the world in different domains. Khalid always tries to create, draw and come up with new artistic forms despite the humble resources and materials that he has. Hopefully, that one day will find sources that will support him.


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