We are Agadir Rising - An Introduction


The purpose of this blog is to publish and distribute the work of 'Agadir Rising', a youth led publication in Southern Morocco. Located in Agadir, Morocco, the young journalists working on this publication are striving to bring the stories and passions of their communities to the wide world. On this blog they will post articles, opinion pieces, artwork, poetry, photography, graphic design, and stories covering the issues that matter to them. All work published here is written or created by these young journalists, and shows their views on these topics.

     All participants to the publication are a part of Dar Si Hmad's RISE program. This year long development initiative serves to encourage personal and professional development skills for the youth of Agadir. Dar Si Hmad is supported by MEPI and the U.S. Dept. of State, and works on multiple projects including a water school for primary school aged children as well as a fog water harvesting project for local rural communities. The opinions expressed on this site by individual contributors do not reflect the beliefs of Dar Si Hmad or any of its sponsors.

     Each month 'Agadir Rising' will post works from youth journalists based on a specific theme. This topic is chosen by the youth working on the publication, and reflects their concerns and interests. Stay tuned for exciting articles, beautiful artwork, and gripping opinion pieces.

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